Priya Heal


  • Priya Heal holds a Law degree (LL.B) from Kings College London and was called to the Bar in 1998.
  • She is an alumnus of Yale University, Connecticut, USA and the University of Passau, Germany.
  • Member of the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.
  • Member of the World Economic Forum.
  • She is the Managing Director, Chronos Group, Dubai/Germany and co-founded Chronos Asset Management. She also spearheaded the growth of the group by establishing Chronos M&A.
  • She also served as the Managing Director, Filterinvest, Holland and Restructuring Consultant, Competition Authority, London, UK.
  • She is a goal oriented achiever whose work goes beyond geographical boundaries. She has worked remarkably in multi-cultural environments like Dubai, Germany, London, South Africa and Holland.

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